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Gage Park Bandshell
Hamilton, ON

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Discography + Diamond DK Collective + Stand By Me • Sunday, September 3

Seven Sundays in Gage Park signs off for the 2017 season with a special night of music (starting around 7pm) and film (around 9pm). 

Dropping dancefloor gems to make your body rock, Diamond DJ Collective features all-vinyl sets by collective members I Heart Hamilton, DJ Donna Lovejoy, DJ Rosé and DJ Fazooli — pure summertime vibes to send off the final night of Seven Sundays in Gage Park for 2017. 

Founded as a vinyl-only DJ night in July 2013, Discography quickly went on to become a cult favourite, hosting DJ sets from founders Mark Furukawa and Andy Inglis, but also a range of cameo appearances (among them, local rockers like Tom Wilson, George Pettit, Max Kerman & Mike DeAngelis) that celebrated vinyl in all its glory — deep cuts as well as chart-busting anthems — and soon became foremost vinyl-only DJ event.  On Sept 3, the pair will be favouring the Gage Park Bandshell with selections that will turn the park into a grassy dancefloor. Music gets bumping from 7pm, but before that we'll have food trucks on hand to give you the energy and happy glow you need to see you through the evening.

Rounding out the night will be a screening of classic coming of age summer movie Stand By Me that gets under way just after sunset.  

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