Sunday August 28th 8:00 PM | Gage Park Bandshell

Consisting of parts found outside a steel plant coupled with the remains of five test pilots whose interstellar spaceship crashed while circling Mars, The Astro Men are half human, half robot. 
Together they now form like Voltron and create the most outstanding space/surf rock your ears have ever heard.
Prepare yourself to feel weightless as they accelerate past the speed of light!
Most importantly, prepare yourself to dance in the wake of their after burners!!!
Once The Astro Men have propelled you into the outer limits of space and time you will never again look at the cosmos in the same light. 
Upon lift off Dan Edmonds, Thompson Wilson, Jimmie Hayes III and Marlon Nicolle of HARLAN PEPPER and Wayne Petti of CUFF THE DUKE/GREY LANDS will take you on a journey of sonic exploration. 
Take off in T minus ten seconds.........*Neil DeGrasse Tyson APPROVED.
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